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Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America

On November 18th, 1956, Nikita Khrushchev said to a room full of western diplomats, “We will bury you”.  In 1963, Khrushchev recalled his speech saying: “I once said, ‘We will bury you’, and I got into trouble with it. Of … Continue reading

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The King & the Ring – This Too Shall Pass

Inspired by penultimate sermon of Rabbi Mathew Marko 23 April 2022 at Beth Israel Synagogue In life everything is temporary. In fact, life itself is tempory. In between birth and death we all experience the roller-coaster of life. When life … Continue reading

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Revolution has come to America

By  Caroline B. Glick Israel Hayom How does a nation lose its freedom? One way, of course is through foreign conquest. History is filled with examples of nations being subjugated and enslaved by foreign tyranny. Today, in the United States, Americans … Continue reading

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“This may be the first time in history where we have more enemies on our own soil than we have abroad. “We live in a time where Americans are more determined than ever to destroy America, and it makes me … Continue reading

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The truth does not require a majority to prevail, lades and gentlemen.  The truth is its own power. … Never forget that. – Rush Limbaugh

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Unmasked — Have we uncovered the truth on 2020 election fraud…

Sorry to make you mad!  Sorry to make you sad!  Sorry to make you cry!  But my patriotic duty is to share with you the reality of the coup d’etat we are experiencing. Facts are facts, regardless of how often … Continue reading

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Watch This Woman!

Watch this woman! Not just this video clip.  And not just today.  But watch her in the next months as she takes on Washington, as she enters the U S House of Representatives.  As a close friend says, “We need … Continue reading

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Where Do We Go From Here?

Jerry R Lambert As Moses prepared to lead the Children of Israel from Egyptian bondage, he addressed them as the tremendously insightful and successful leader that we know him to be.  If we analyze his leadership actions, what can we … Continue reading

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The Totalitarian Left Moves to Silence All Dissent

If you don’t already receive it, I strongly suggest that you subscribe to Pam Geller’s daily newsletter.  She tells it like it is. Jerry By Pam Geller 16 January 2021 In an article that was picked up by the Mercury … Continue reading

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Pray for America

Jack Engelhard 17 January 2021 Hello, Dear World. We can use a prayer or two. I know. It’s usually the other way round. You turn to us for help, and usually we deliver. But something happened and we – this … Continue reading

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