Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America

On November 18th, 1956, Nikita Khrushchev said to a room full of western diplomats, “We will bury you”.  In 1963, Khrushchev recalled his speech saying: “I once said, ‘We will bury you’, and I got into trouble with it. Of course, we will not bury you with a shovel. Your own working class will bury you.”

Sorry to say, it’s working.

Leftism is Marxism, pure and simple. It’s time to recognize that fact and call it what it is. 

As Vic Biorseth writes: “Leftism is a more innocent sounding political term for Communism. Globalism is just the newest name for International Communism.” Anti-American Globalists are Leftists who conceal their Communism frequently enough to entrap politicians, educators, ministers, and laity into their War.

“Leftism opposes Christianity and Judaism because Leftism opposes the morality of Judaeo-Christian principles. Leftism opposes belief in God altogether, but Leftism especially opposes the Judaeo-Christian morals that forged the ethos of America and of Western Civilization.

The past few years I have wondered at the speed by which this nation is in a death spiral.  As an amateur aviator, I was trained how to avoid, detect and recover from killing myself and anyone aboard my plane after becoming visually disoriented.  As described in The Atlantic,

Lost in the clouds [of Communist propaganda promulgated by the media, comments mine], pilots can fall prey to a form of sensory disorientation known as a death spiral, or, more commonly, a graveyard spiral. The term describes an almost instinctive set of maneuvers pilots undertake when they lose sight of the horizon. [When Americans lost sight of the Biblical heritage of this nation.] The graveyard spiral begins when a plane flying in these conditions enters a gentle turn. [When did we enter the ‘gentle turn’?] As it turns, the plane will begin to descend, picking up speed.

Death spirals occur because the pilot feels the descent but not the turn. [The majority of thinking folks now feel the descent, in the grocery, at the gas pump, in disdain for government, and wonder what to do about it.] That has to do with the way the human body relies both on the visual and vestibular systems to perceive its orientation in space. As fluid moves through the small canals in the inner ear, the brain registers the body’s shifts in position. The fluid moves when the head turns, creating the sensation that the vessel under control is doing the turning. In mid-flight, though, the fluid can settle in place. If this happens, a turn can feel like level flight. [Media is successfully convincing many people that fear, anarchy, disdain for God, and fake news are commonplace.] In this situation, a pilot who follows the instruments and levels the plane’s wings feels, with absolute certainty, that the craft is turning in the opposite direction. [Turning back in the direction of our forefathers, biblically and nationally, is antithetical to political correctness, but must happen if we are to survive.]

A pilot who recorrects to what feels level in his or her body simply reinitiates the spiral dive. [Observe those who have never learned to think or who have been drinking the Kool-Aid.] Likewise, pulling back on the yoke to gain altitude without leveling the wings only tightens the plane’s downward spiral. Without a clear view of the horizon to correct against, the pilot can become so disoriented that a total loss of control results, ending in a crash and loss of life. [Think legalized abortion and euthanasia.]

The past few years I have wondered when and how America turned into our graveyard spiral, which seems to be rapidly gaining speed in her descent.  My recent discovery of “Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America” by David Horowitz is teaching me a lot about the motivations, thinking, plans and actions of the left to move our country away from the God-given right of freedom to practice our faith as our founders envisioned.  As Gary Bauer praised, “If you want to understand the political crisis our country is facing, read this book.”

In hopes of increasing your appetite for reading this book, here are the chapter titles:

  • Religion Must Die
  • Roots of the War
  • Radical Faith
  • Christian America
  • Prayer in the Schools (bone chilling)
  • The War Begins
  • Moving the World
  • Battle Lines
  • A Radical Epidemic
  • Obama’s Arc
  • Civil War

As an optimist, I strive to also be a realist. “Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America” with its documenting endnotes presents realism in all colors, many of them dark, and challenging, “What can I as one person do”?  This post is one.  My cap is another.  Any comments will be appreciated.

If you wonder, as did I, why Leftists successfully promote Islam up one side and down the other, abrogating their “separation of church and state”, after removing any mention of God in schools or public places, read chapter 5.

“Your own working class will bury you.”  While they are supposedly working for us, our politicians and the justice system are burying us.  Over the years politicians have lost sight of the fact that they are civil servants and not rulers.  Clearly there is an issue when those who hold office want for nothing and that makes them feel superior to their fellow citizens.  They now feel free to follow the “Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America” and bury us.  May God help us!

If you are a red blooded American, if you believe in the One True God, if you care about the future of children, grandchildren or great grandchildren, I strongly encourage you to read or listen to this book.

An eye opener.  Time well spent. Faith in action.


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