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Tear Them Down? Advertisements

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Fragrance is a gift of God, as long as it comes from nature, e.g. a rose, a broken egg, the seashore, a fart, a lemon, a thunderstorm, a mint leaf, a freshly plowed field, or freshly mown hay, and those … Continue reading

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Why Muslims back Trump on radical Islam

By Shireen Qudosi   [I just discovered this lady, and am impressed by what I read at Shireen Qudosi and at @ShireenQudosi.  If you tweet, I suggest that you follow her (and @JihadWatch, and @PamelaGeller and Robert Spencer via @JihadWatchRS).   And if … Continue reading

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Work Boots and Protestors

I did not take this picture, but the fact that it happened demonstrates a point. Protesters and rioters have no need of work boots.  They don’t work, they don’t get their feet or hands dirty, let alone walk off pavement, sidewalk, driveway … Continue reading

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Enjoy life now….

Enjoy life now. It has an expiration date.

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Newt Gingrich: …

Newt Gingrich: “This is an administration that is shocked at profiling against terrorism, but apparently had an entire part of the IRS that was profiling for patriotism. I find that to be very, very chilling in terms of our political … Continue reading

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The Crimes of the IRS

Although we will never know all the crimes of the IRS, may I please present two? (1)  As even the MSM reports, and after repeatedly denying it was doing so, the IRS has “apologized” for specially targeting conservative political groups … Continue reading

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Do as I say, not what I do

During his second inaugural address, Barack Obama once again urged Americans to “work together.” Five days earlier he issued 23 executive orders. The president often talks about “reaching across the aisle” but following his own advice won’t help him pass … Continue reading

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