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2013: The Year of Broken Obamacare Promises

Sunday, 29 Dec 2013 07:50 PM By Cathy Burke President Obama’s inauguration in January kicked off a year of broken promises about his signature health care law, threatening to turn a presidency based on vows of hope and change to … Continue reading

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A Revolution Begins

Bill Bennett renewed my memory recently, when he wrote “A Revolution Begins” in his daily newsletter.  “Few people realized it at the time, but the issue of Popular Electronics magazine that hit the newsstands in late December 1974 marked the … Continue reading

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Misrepresenting Mandela

Misrepresenting Mandela by Michael Freund Imagine a person who planned acts of sabotage and incited violence, resulting in the deaths of innocent civilians and damage to public property. A man who embraced brutal dictators throughout the Third World, such as … Continue reading

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Homeland Security POLICE — What the *&%$ is going on?

If you know what the *&%$ is going on, please let me know via a comment. Homeland Security Police vehicles have been observed in America: Grand Junction Co and Brentwood TN that I know of. 26 October 2013, Grand Junction … Continue reading

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