Explaining Conservatism: Why the Left Hates It

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Dennis Prager writes here and here:

Conservativism conserves.

Conservativism attempts to conserve the best of the past — the best art, literature and music, the best standards, values and wisdom. Conservativism then passes the best of everything to every succeeding generation.

The Left — meaning progressives, not necessarily liberals — loathes the fact that conservativism preserves the past. That is why “change” is one of the most cherished words in the Left’s vocabulary.

Read the remainder of Dennis Prager’s essays on Conservatism.

Explaining Conservatism

Explaining Conservatism II: Why the Left Hates It

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2 Responses to Explaining Conservatism: Why the Left Hates It

  1. captdan25 says:

    Excellent! Thank you Sir.

  2. Bob Page says:

    Great explanation !! Thanks. Bob

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