Unmasked — Have we uncovered the truth on 2020 election fraud…

Sorry to make you mad!  Sorry to make you sad!  Sorry to make you cry!  But my patriotic duty is to share with you the reality of the coup d’etat we are experiencing.

Facts are facts, regardless of how often they are disputed.  Please watch this video if you have doubts about what happened.

Cancel culture is very dangerous to this country, to our future.  Cowering before the bullies of neighbors,  main stream media, politicians or courts allows the bullies to dominate our lives. Living with our head in the sand leaves our rear end seriously exposed.

Regardless of the naysayers, the election was stolen.  For real evidence, for real documentation, please watch this video:

Unmasked — Have we uncovered the truth on 2020 election fraud…

before it is taken down.  Then share, far and wide.

I continue to ask the question, “What can I do about the downward spiral we are experiencing?”


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