Why the End of the Two-State Solution is the Beginning of Peace

The so-called Two-State Solution to Jewish-Arab conflict in Israel has been around since at least 1947.  Israel has many times agreed to such, while Arabs have refused, while stating their intentions to wipe Israel off the map.  Result: Pull the discussion off the table.

Israel and the world have grown weary of continually hearing the two-state solution, so emptily proposed.  Increasingly of late, instead, Israeli Sovereignty over Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley is gaining support from a widening variety of citizens, scholars, politicians, thinkers, clergy of all religions, and even Arabs.

Now Professor Martin Slann explains how cessation of further pursuit of the two-state solution is a breath of fresh air, the beginning of peace.  Dr Slann is Dean, Department of Political Science and History, University of Texas at Tyler, and is an expert student of Middle Eastern affairs.

He writes:

Why the End of the Two-State Solution is the Beginning of Peacemartin-slann

Martin Slann

“The recently concluded summit between President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was a refreshing change from the misery the Obama Administration attempted, usually without success, to inflict on Israel.  Trump understands that Netanyahu’s first priority is the security of his country and its continued presence on the map.  Obama and Secretaries of State Clinton and Kerry were persuaded that  only an Israeli decision to commit national suicide would guarantee justice for the so-called Palestinians as well as peace throughout the region and even trigger an end to the plague of Islamic terrorism.

“Kerry had insisted that time and demography were working against Israel and that, in the near future, Israeli Jews would be outnumbered by the Arabs of Israel, Judea and Samaria, and Gaza.  Better, he argued, to make a deal while it’s still possible.  As usual, Kerry was wrong.  The numbers he was using were inaccurate and had been distorted by the Palestinian Authority’s census bureau.  The Jewish birthrate is at least equal to the Arab one in all of these areas and has been for several years; moreover, Arabs are leaving Judea and Samaria in significant numbers each year, mostly to Europe or to other Arab countries.  Their future under a corrupt Palestinian Authority or the Hamas death cult is bleak.  Interestingly, Israeli Arabs aren’t going anywhere.  And why should they?  Israel is the home of the only Arab middle class anywhere in the region where the rule of law applies rather than the whim of a military dictator or the pronouncements of an unhinged religious fanatic.

“In the meantime, the ridiculous notion that Israel couldn’t be both democratic and Jewish has also been revealed as nonsense, Israel has been a parliamentary democracy for nearly seven decades.  Its non-Jewish citizens, Druse, Christians, and even some Muslims are voluntarily joining the Israeli military in record numbers because more and more of them are concluding that Israel is their country too.  This is good news.  Israel is the strongest economic, political, and military American ally in the Middle East.  The Obama Administration didn’t know this or, if it did, didn’t care.  Its foreign policy was based on reaching out only to those who despise the United States and are working for its downfall.  The Iranian nuclear treaty (which the Trump people are working to dismantle) is the best case in point.

“Best of all, there is a recognition that proposals for a two-state solution are deservedly are increasingly ignored.  The knife-jihad and the car-ramming jihad have convinced most Israelis, even those on the left, that Arabs occupying parts of Judea and Samaria don’t want peace with Israel regardless of how many concessions they receive.  They merely want all Israelis dead.  Four generations of institutionalized hatred perpetrated by the Palestinian media, schools, and Islamic clergy and the glorification of destruction have made the two-state solution an impossible eventuality.  Israeli children are encouraged by their parents to become engineers, teachers, and physicians while their Palestinian counterparts are constantly exposed to the spiritually fulfilling opportunity of martyrdom.

“Even Arabs should be happy that the two-state solution is gone.  It may just get them to focus on all the wasted years they’ve accumulated and begin to comprehend that their future doesn’t have to be as self-defeating and wasted as the past.  A lot of Israeli and foreign businesses are waiting to build the economic infrastructure in Arab areas in Judea and Samaria.  All that Arabs must do for that to happen is to rid themselves of hate and a thirst for ‘vengeance.’

February, 2017, #11

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