President Trump? Yes!

Arutz Sheva 9 November 2016

President Trump? Yes!

"I will be president for all Americans."

“I will be president for all Americans.”

He caught the rhythm of America, he heard America singing.

Jack Engelhard

Politically speaking, he came from out of nowhere. He came with a New York swagger. He needed it to bulldoze past smooth-talking politicians from his own Party and to rough-ride over the Clinton Colossus that included the news media that had it in for him from the start.

Campaigning, he was not subtle. He was not smooth, but he caught the rhythm of America, the America that felt lost and forgotten by Obama, and that was positively disdained by Hillary Clinton who called his followers, nearly half the country “a basket of deplorables.”

Her “let them eat cake” smirk went over poorly compared to his plain-speak message aimed at the middle class, which is where most Americans live.

He spoke too plainly? Yes, he did. But New York is his kind of town and America is his kind of country. He speaks our language.

Trump got the drift. That’s how we talk. That’s how we think. We are not Sweden. We are not Germany. We are not Europeans.

We play rough. But we play fair. It was never fair for Trump. The New York Times and the rest of them gave Hillary Clinton every boost imaginable.

They hid all her sins and never gave him a chance. He was an underdog from the start.

But Americans love the underdog and proved it by their votes.

Trump is a man of steak and caviar. But he addressed the country through the language of bread and butter, the cadence of meat and potatoes.

This was no JFK “new frontier” for Trump, nor was it Reagan’s “morning in America” for Trump
Trump caught the mood of a nation in distress, a nation tottering from hyper liberalism that divided the country along the lines of race, religion and gender.
Too late for those terms after the trauma of the Obama/Clinton years — divisiveness at home and failures overseas. This is evening in America.

Trump caught the mood of a nation in distress, a nation tottering from hyper liberalism that divided the country along the lines of race, religion and gender.

He was never articulate in the classic sense. No, he spoke his mind. Liberals ran to their safe spaces. The rest of America cheered his boldness.

Yes – New York swagger that brings with it the ethnic even Yiddish accents of the streets. Yes he will be kosher for Israel.

No one within the Establishment did him any favors. He did it all on his own. He did not count on luck but he was lucky in one respect – his opponent Hillary Clinton was not well liked. Forget the scandals. Besides that she had no warmth, no charm, no wit, no wisdom. She was not a commanding presence like Margaret Thatcher, nor was she motherly like Golda Meir.

Still, from the outset, Hillary Clinton was the sure thing going into the race.

But judging from her past performance chart, we were assured four more years of absolute corruption and wall-to-wall investigations.

Voting is no different from betting. It’s all the same. It’s a wager. With Clinton, we knew the score.

With Trump, we don’t.

So America took a chance. In God We Trust that we picked a true champion.

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1 Response to President Trump? Yes!

  1. Bob Page says:

    Very well written, and it seems, quite accurate…..thank goodness.

    I’ll sleep a lot better tonight than last night.

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