The Day I Stopped Saying ‘Hurry Up’

A friend composedly asked yesterday, “What’s the hurry?” in relating her efforts to build a new home nearby.  The question resounded well with me as I nodded, caused me to think of my father’s attitude, and reinforced my tendency to rock on the front porch for at least a few minutes as often as my commitments and chores allow.

Then today I came across the following, by Rachel Macy Stafford

“When you’re living a distracted life, every minute must be accounted for. You feel like you must be checking something off the list, staring at a screen, or rushing off to the next destination. And no matter how many ways you divide your time and attention, no matter how many duties you try and multitask, there’s never enough time in a day to ever catch up.

“That was my life for two frantic years. My thoughts and actions were controlled by electronic notifications, ring tones, and jam-packed agendas. And although every fiber of my inner drill sergeant wanted to be on time to every activity on my over committed schedule, I wasn’t.

Go here for more.

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