Black Protests Mean Nothing If We Don’t Save Our Black Boys

By Warren Bolton — Associate Editor, Columbia SC State Newspaper

COLUMBIA, SC — I SHARE IN THE outrage many African-Americans and others feel about the senseless shooting death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

The marches and protests — thousands attended the “10,000 Hoodie March” in Columbia on Saturday — decrying the tragedy and shining light on racial profiling, long-standing inequities in our justice system and flaws in “stand your ground” laws are necessary, although I’m not convinced that a civil rights case should be brought against George Zimmerman. While the disappointment over Mr. Zimmerman’s acquittal is understandable, a jury has spoken; the focus now should be on changing laws, the system and the heart of America.

But African-Americans can’t stop there; they must take a serious look at the state of our black boys, . . .

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