Constitution: A Flawed Document?

Yesterday, 16 January 2013, President Obama made two things perfectly clear. First, he will stoop to whatever low is necessary, even using the grisly murder of sweet, innocent children to manipulatively push “forward” his Stalin like gun control agenda. Second, he could [not] care less about the Constitution which, in his words, is a ‘flawed document’. It is a thorn in his side. It is a bump in the road of his desire to be a dictator. It is a document which he not only does not respect, but he will go to any length to attack, twist, and destroy. After all, as he has stated previously, the Founders made it difficult for him to do everything he wants to do.

His answer? RULE BY EDICT.

The Executive Order ability of the president was never put in place to make laws. Only Congress can do that. Its purpose is only to give direction and guidance in how to execute existing and legally passed laws by Congress; not used to overturn the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment! But, Obama thinks you’re stupid sheep. In fact, he’s counting on it. For it is through ignorance of the masses that he will get away with an attack on your freedom and making you believe it is for your own good.

We say ENOUGH!

When the original 13 colonies were established, it was done so by people seeking refuge from a tyrannical King. His attack on their religious liberty led to their seeking new opportunity in what would become the great experiment that we know as America. As time wore on, they grew tired of the King taxing them beyond belief without representation. They became dollar signs in his eyes as he saw their success as a way to feed his hunger for power.

Despite all the lives that were lost in the American Revolution and every war that followed in which our soldiers fought so that we might have freedom, we yet again find ourselves as a nation fighting against a power hungry tyrant who will attack your freedom at any angle, even if it means shredding the Constitution, so that he can have the ultimate power.

We must stand together in this fight for our freedom for we have a president who has demonstrated complete disdain for you. HOW DARE YOU DESIRE TO HOLD ON TO YOUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS! The right to protection of self, property, and family is reserved for elitists like Obama. YOU? YOU must answer to him and his minions letting them know why you NEED certain fire arms. YOU must be okay with sending your children to school in a ‘gun free zone’ leaving them as sitting ducks should a madman enter to do harm. YOU must be content with whatever he deems is good enough for you…whether it be the type of weapons you can have or the amount of money he allows you to keep.

Is that the type of America you want to live in? Is that the type of a once free society that you want to leave for your children? Are you content with giving up your God given rights just because wanna-be dictator Obama says “we must do something”? If you are not, then stand in helping fight him.

Excerpted from a Tea Party message.

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