Because they were Jews

Explaining the outpouring of anguish after the death of three Israeli teenagers

Funeral of our 3 boys

We weep over our 3 boys

“To observers across the world, Israelis’ reaction to the abduction and murder of three teenagers may seem a bit overwrought. Of course, the deaths of any three children, anywhere, is horrific. And yes, a tightly knit country like Israel will invariably respond with greater emotion than might citizens of other countries.

“But still, how does one explain the presence of thousands of weeping people at the funeral, most of whom did not know the families?
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Yes to Israeli Sovereignty

Yes to Israeli Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria

Yes to Israeli Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria

Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria is the most logical and Biblical political plan as the solution to the Israeli problem. An increasing number of Israeli rank-and-file, members of the Knesset, rabbis, and journalists are agreeing that sovereignty over the entire land, including Judea and Samaria (commonly, but erroneously called the West Bank) is the real alternative to the various schemes that Kerry and others propose from week to week. For more details on the necessary considerations in this bold move, click here for Issue 1 of “Sovereignty, a Political Journal, a groundbreaking publication which is a direct outgrowth of the conferences organized in the last few years around the several issues by Women in Green, a grass roots movement dedicated to “safeguarding our G-d given Biblical homeland.” Click here for Issue 2.

The photo above is of a billboard at entrance to Jerusalem from Highway 1.  Billboards that Women in Green have placed elsewhere are below.

sign at entrance to jerusalem 3 sign at entrance to jerusalem 2

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Two America’s

Bob Lonsberry     Check him out!
December 9, 2013

The Democrats are right, there are two Americas.

The America that works, and the America that doesn’t. The America that contributes, and the America that doesn’t.

It’s not the haves and the have nots, it’s the dos and the don’ts. Some people do their duty as Americans, to obey the law and support themselves and contribute to society, and others don’t.

That’s the divide in America. Continue reading

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The Imperial Presidency of Barack Obama

Wall Street Journal Editorial By TED CRUZ
Jan. 28, 2014 6:57 p.m. ET

Of all the troubling aspects of the Obama presidency, none is more dangerous than the president’s persistent pattern of lawlessness, his willingness to disregard the written law and instead enforce his own policies via executive fiat. On Monday, Mr. Obama acted unilaterally to raise the minimum wage paid by federal contracts, the first of many executive actions the White House promised would be a theme of his State of the Union address Tuesday night.

The president’s taste for unilateral action to circumvent Congress should concern every citizen, regardless of party or ideology. The great 18th-century political philosopher Montesquieu observed: “There can be no liberty where the legislative and executive powers are united in the same person, or body of magistrates.” America’s Founding Fathers took this warning to heart, and we should too. Continue reading

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2013: The Year of Broken Obamacare Promises

Sunday, 29 Dec 2013 07:50 PM
By Cathy Burke

President Obama’s inauguration in January kicked off a year of broken promises about his signature health care law, threatening to turn a presidency based on vows of hope and change to one doling out disappointment and failures.

The Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, but it was in 2013 that the health care reform law implode into a nightmare of broken promises. Assertions made by the president and Health Secretary weeks ago, months ago and even years ago have over and over again proved to been misleading at best and complete untrue at worst.

No, you may not be able to keep your doctor or your plan. And, no, the website is not user-friendly.

1. The website is simple and user-friendly
2. “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”
3. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”
4. Premiums will fall by as much as $2,500 per family.
5. Obamacare won’t add ‘one dime to our deficits’.
6. The ACA will cost around $900 billion over 10 years.
7. Families making less than $250,000 won’t see ‘any form’ of tax increase.
8. The ACA will keep healthcare costs down.
9. You have a deadline and a mandate.
10. Sure, the national exchange is glitchy, but the state sites are working great.

For explanation of the facts behind these broken promises, read 2013: The Year of Broken Obamacare Promises

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A Revolution Begins

Altair 8800

Altair 8800

Bill Bennett renewed my memory recently, when he wrote “A Revolution Begins” in his daily newsletter.  “Few people realized it at the time, but the issue of Popular Electronics magazine that hit the newsstands in late December 1974 marked the beginning of a modern revolution. On the cover, beneath the headline “World’s First Minicomputer Kit,” sat a photo of a plain-looking box covered with rows of switches and lights. The machine was the Altair 8800, and for about $400, anyone could buy the kit and assemble it themselves. It was the first truly personal computer to come to market, and thousands of hobbyists rushed to place orders.”

For the rest of Bill’s post, click here.
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Misrepresenting Mandela

Misrepresenting Mandela

by Michael Freund

Imagine a person who planned acts of sabotage and incited violence, resulting in the deaths of innocent civilians and damage to public property.

A man who embraced brutal dictators throughout the Third World, such as Libya’s Gaddafi and Cuba’s Castro, singing their praises and defending them publicly even as they trampled on the rights and lives of their own people.

A person who hugged Yasser Arafat at the height of the intifada, hailed Puerto Rican terrorists who shot US Congressmen, and penned a book entitled, How to be a good Communist.

Picture all this and, believe it or not, you will be staring at a portrait of Nelson Mandela.

The death of the South African statesman last week has elicited an outpouring of tributes around the world, with various leaders and media outlets vying to outdo one another in their praise of the man.

Highlighting his principled stand against apartheid, and his firm determination to erect a new, post-racial and color-blind South Africa, many observers have hailed Mandela in glowing terms, as though he were a saint free of blemish and clean of sin.

But such accolades not only miss the mark, they distort history in a dangerous and damaging way and betray the legacy of Mandela himself.

Take, for example, . . . more

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Homeland Security POLICE — What the *&%$ is going on?

If you know what the *&%$ is going on, please let me know via a comment.

Homeland Security Police vehicles have been observed in America: Grand Junction Co and Brentwood TN that I know of.

Homeland Security Police - Grand Junction CO26 October 2013, Grand Junction CO  “So, as I was about to park, I saw this vehicle, so I quickly got out of my car and took a picture as it drove by.  As the driver saw me do this, he slammed on the brakes, and asked, “Do you have a problem?” Continue reading

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Muslim Heritage in America – NOT!

American Flag & EagleI received an email message this morning, origin unknown, that gives a bit of insight into the role of Muslims in the history and culture of this great country.

“How often have you been to a Muslim hospital, heard a Muslim orchestra, seen a Muslim band march in a parade, witnessed a Muslim charity, shaken hands with a Muslim Girl Scout or seen a Muslim Candy Striper? Have you ever seen a Muslim do anything that contributes positively to the American way of life?”

Further, Barack Obama, during his Cairo speech, lying as usual, said: “I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of America’s history.”  Here is the response of one American, again, source unknown, to that lie. Continue reading

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3rd Grade Lesson Plan Presents Messianic View of Obama – literally

By Kyle Olson
Education Action Group

On the heels of a controversial children’s book about Barack Obama – which stated “white voters would never vote for a black president” and that “Barack’s former pastor” said “God would damn the United States for mistreating its black citizens” – comes a new lesson that casts America’s 44th president in a messianic light. Literally.

And – surprise – it’s Common Core-aligned.

The lesson plan and accompanying visual presentation were authored by Sherece Bennett, and is for sale on It’s all based on a book titled, “Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope,” by Nikki Grimes.

In one passage, a young Obama sees beggars and wonders, “Will I ever be able to help people like these?”

“Hope hung deep inside of him,” the book adds. Continue reading

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